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Absence of PD-L1 on tumor cells is associated with reduced MHC I expression and PD-L1 expression increases in recurrent serous ovarian cancer

Aust et al., 2017

Scientific Reports

Activation of the Serotonin Pathway is Associated with Poor Outcome in COPD Exacerbation: Results of a Long-Term Cohort Study

Meier  , 2017


Activation of the tryptophan/serotonin pathway is associated with severity and predicts outcomes in pneumonia: results of a long-term cohort study

Meier et al., 2017

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Admission levels of asymmetric and symmetric dimethylarginine predict longterm outcome in patients with communityacquired pneumonia

Voegeli et al., 2017

Alzheimer's disease (AD)-like pathology has discontinuous effects on the brain and blood metabolome

Pan, 2017

Change of the metabolomic profile during short-term mononuclear cell storage

Steininger et al., 2017

Vox Sanguinis

Characterization of metabolomic signatures in septic shock patients: a data mining approach

Cambiaghi, 2017

PhD Thesis

CLUH Couples Mitochondrial Distribution to the Energetic and Metabolic Status

Wakim et al., 2017

Journal of Cell Science

Combined Proteome and Eicosanoid Profiling Approach for Revealing Implications of Human Fibroblasts in Chronic Inflammation

Tahir et al., 2017

Comparative metabolomic analysis of HPAC cells following the acquisition of erlotinib resistance

Lee et al., 2017

Oncology Letters

Comprehensive Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiling of Human Kidney Tissue: A Platform Comparison

Leuthold et al., 2017

Disruption of genes involved in CORVET complex leads to enhanced secretion of heterologous carboxylesterase only in protease deficient Pichia pastoris

Marsalek et al., 2017

Biotechnology Journal

Endometriosis is associated with aberrant metabolite profiles in plasma

Letsiou et al., 2017

Fertility and Sterility

Environmental Enteric Dysfunction is Associated with Carnitine Deficiency and Altered Fatty Acid Oxidation

Semba et al., 2017


Exploring the Links between Diet and Health in an Irish Cohort: A Lipidomic Approach

O'Gorman et al., 2017

Journal of Proteome Research

Exposure to bacterial products lipopolysaccharide and flagellin and hepatocellular carcinoma: a nested casecontrol study

Fedirko et al., 2017

BMC Medicine

Extensive alterations of blood metabolites in pediatric cerebral malaria

Gupta et al., 2017


Improvement of myocardial infarction risk prediction via inflammation-associated metabolite biomarkers

Ward-Caviness et al., 2017


Increased dosage of AOX1 promoter-regulated expression cassettes leads to transcription attenuation of the methanol metabolism in Pichia pastoris

Cámara et al., 2017

Scientific Reports

Increased urine acylcarnitines in diabetic ApoE-/- mice: Hydroxytetradecadienoylcarnitine (C14:2-OH) reflects diabetic nephropathy in a context of hyperlipidemia

Mirzoyan et al., 2017

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Intravenous Fish Oil and Pediatric Intestinal Failure–Associated Liver Disease: Changes in Plasma Phytosterols, Cytokines, and Bile Acids and Erythrocyte Fatty Acids

Calkins et al., 2017

Journal of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

Liver carcinogenesis by FOS-dependent inflammation and cholesterol dysregulation

Bakiri et al., 2017

Journal of Experimental Medicine

LysoPC-acyl C16:0 is associated with brown adipose tissue activity in men

Boon et al., 2017


Maternal cytokine status may prime the metabolic profile and increase risk for obesity in children

Englich et al., 2017

International Journal of Obesity

Metabolic Dysregulation after Neutron Exposures Expected from an Improvised Nuclear Device

Laiakis et al., 2017

Radiation Research

Metabolic network failures in Alzheimer’s disease—A biochemical road map

Toledo et al., 2017

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Metabolic profile provides prognostic value better than galectin-3 in patients with heart failure

Wang et al., 2017

Journal of Cardiology

Metabolic profiling of presymptomatic Huntington’s disease sheep reveals novel biomarkers

Skene et al., 2017

Scientific Reports

Metabolomic Profiling in Individuals with a Failing Kidney Allograft

Bassi et al., 2017


Metabolomic profiling in patients undergoing Off-Pump or On-Pump coronary artery bypass surgery

Kirov et al., 2017

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders

Metabolomic profiling of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections - Implications for pathophysiology and biomarker discovery

Doppler et al., 2017


Metabotyping reveals distinct metabolic alterations in ketotic cows and identifies early predictive serum biomarkers for the risk of disease

Zhang et al., 2017


Microbiome and metabolome modifying effects of several cardiovascular disease interventions in apo-E−/− mice

Ryan et al., 2017


Perinatal exposure to glyphosate-based herbicide alters the thyrotrophic axis and causes thyroid hormone homeostasis imbalance in male rats

de Souza et al., 2017


Persistently Altered Metabolic Phenotype following Perinatal Excitotoxic Brain Injury

Blaise et al., 2017

Developmental Neuroscience

Plasma amino acids and metabolic profiling of dairy cows in response to a bolus duodenal infusion of leucine

Sadri et al., 2017


Plasma and serum metabolite association networks: comparability within and between studies using NMR and MS profiling

Suarez-Adam et al., 2017

Journal of Proteome Research

Profiles of amino acids and biogenic amines in the plasma ofCri-du-Chat patients

Furtado et al., 2017

Journal of PHarmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

Recovery of pan-genotypic and genotype-specific amino acid alterations in chronic hepatitis C after viral clearance: transition at the crossroad of metabolism and immunity

Chang et al., 2017

Amino Acids

Retinal metabolic events in preconditioning light stress as revealed by wide-spectrum targeted metabolomics

De la Barca et al., 2017

Serum lipid alterations identified in chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis B virus-associated cirrhosis and carcinoma patients

Wu et al., Scientific Reports 2017

Scientific Reports

Specific circulating phospholipids, acylcarnitines, amino acids and biogenic amines are aerobic exercies markers

Felder et al., 2017

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Targeted Metabolomics Reveals Early Dominant Optic Atrophy Signature in Optic Nerves of Opa1delTTAG/þ Mice

de la Barca et al., 2017

Investigative Ophtalmology & Visual Science

The Hoorn Diabetes Care System (DCS) cohort. A prospective cohort of persons with type 2 diabetes treated in primary care in the Netherlands

van der Hejden et al., 2017

BMJ Open

The human plasma-metabolome: Reference values in 800 French healthy volunteers; impact of cholesterol, gender and age

Trabado et al., 2017


The influence of a chronic L-carnitine administration on the plasma metabolome of male Fischer 344 rats

Weinert et al., 2017

Molecular Nutrition

Total testosterone to dihydrotestosterone ratio assessed by LC-MS/MS predicts a worse metabolic profile not only in PCOS patients

Ambroziak et al., 2017

Ginekologika Polska

Transglycosylated Starch Improves Insulin Response and Alters Lipid and Amino Acid Metabolome in a Growing Pig Model

Newman et al., 2017

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