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Biocrates Celebrates 15 Years

In 2002, a new technology called „Metabolomics“ was still in its very early days. 4 professors (Adelbert Roscher, Günther Bonn, Hartmut Glossmann, Michael Popp) from Munich and Innsbruck were convinced that this new –omics technology had vast potential. Unlike other young companies in the field, the founders decided that Biocrates should focus on targeted, hypothesis driven research.
15 years later, Biocrates is among the main players in the field. Biocrates’ technology has proven easy to use and highly reliable. Biocrates’ analytical portfolio allows for the quantification of more than 600 endogenous metabolites, and has contributed to more than 700 scientific publications.
Biocrates thanks its clients and partners for their trust during the past 15 years. We are looking forward to shaping the future of personalized medicine together with you.


  • Biocrates wins prestigious Healthcare & Life Sciences AwardHealthCare Award 2016 Trophy blueback v2
    Biocrates has been named one of the winners of the Corporate Livewire’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Awards program (www.corporatelivewire.com), "Best Metabolic Phenotyping Solutions Provider". This prestigious program celebrates the most innovative and successful projects carried out around the world over the past 12 months in the healthcare industry.


  • Breastfeeding alters branched chain amino acid levels and protects mothers with gestational diabetes against type 2 diabetes: HelmholtzZentrum MünchenVisit Prof. Yixue Li
  • Visit to Prof. Yixue Li, Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute:
    Following the recent visit of Prof. Yixue Li (Director of the Medical Department of the Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute and Member of the Chinese Academy of Science), Biocrates' CEO Dr. Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz paid a visit to Prof. Li to discuss about an extended collaboration.

Austrian BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG, prime developer of state-of-the-art metabolite biomarker panels, is about to launch new editions of two of its well-established research kit products: AbsoluteIDQ® p180 and p150. Originally developed for use with the AB Sciex mass spectrometers, both kits are now available for Waters Xevo® TQ MS systems,  greatly increasing sample throughput and accelerating up analytical processes.