Determining the Phenotype

BIOCRATES products provide predictive insights into pathways and processes of the body

Metabolic phenotypes can be measured by targeted quantification of endogenous metabolites, whereas the essence of metabolic phenotyping is accurate metabolic measurement. Biocrates Kits permit precise quantification of hundreds of endogenous metabolites of different classes. Absolute concentrations are obtained and metabolic pathways are mapped. The solutions set a new level of standardized processing, exchange, and storage of data, which enables researchers to compare their results across their labs and beyond.

Biocrates Kits:  • Standardized & Quality Controlled  •    Quantitative & Targeted   •    Easy to use

Biocrates’ Kits and services utilize mass spectrometry technology and a unique platform of sample preparation as well as data management and automated data analysis. This enables you to include an unprecedented number of target analytes in your projects at great value for money . Learn more about the  metabolomics Kits.

Biocrates’ Kits can be used in your own laboratory, at one of our partner laboratories around the world, or at Biocrates’ corporate headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.

The products are applicable for in depth investigations in many fields of basic and applied research:

•    Animal models of Disease    AbsoluteIDQ-p180-Kit-Schatten 72dpi
•    Cardiovascular Disease
•    Central Nervous System Disorders
•    Diabetes/ Metabolism
•    Endocrinology & Fertility
•    Genetics/Transomics
•    Inflammation and Immune Response
•    Kidney Disease
•    Liver Disease
•    Methodology
•    Nutrition
•    Oncology
•    Pharmaceutical research

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