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  • Broad metabolic and lipid profiling:
    The AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit provides quantitative analysis of up to 408 metabolites, including more than 300 lipids.
  • Excellent reproducibility:
    The kit ensures batch-to-batch and inter-laboratory comparability.
  • Ready-to-use:
    No method development required, method is established in your laboratory within one day.
  • High throughput:
    One kit analyzes up to 82 samples within 38 hours.
  • Small sample volume:
    Just 10 µL of biofluid needed (various matrices have been tested).

Metabolomics is a powerful technology that can be universally applied in biomedical research. Despite the fact that there is no single analytical technique that can cover the whole metabolome, standardized and reproducible quantification of a wide range of metabolites in your samples can be an important step towards a successful application of Metabolomics to your research project.

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From a tiny amount of sample, you can analyze up to 408 metabolites in your own laboratory or in a collaborating laboratory of your choice. The AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit covers up to 408 compounds from 11 metabolite classes, including core metabolic pathways as well as a large range of lipid metabolites: 

- Amino Acids
- Biogenic Amines
- Hexoses
- Acylcarnitines
- Phosphatidylcholines
- Lysophosphatidylcholines
- Diglycerides
- Triglycerides
- Sphingomyelins
- Ceramides
- Cholesteryl Esters

List of Metabolites

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.