Metabolomics at the Interface between Nutrition, Microbiota, and Health

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The phenotype of an organism is influenced by a complex interaction between genetics, nutrition, and the environment. The microbiota is an additional contributing element. Metabolomics is a powerful research tool for the systemic analysis of these factors. A growing number of scientific publications showcase the invaluable importance of metabolism in a large variety of research areas.

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The MxP® Quant 500 Kit is a breakthrough in targeted metabolic profiling. The kit provides the most comprehensive metabolite coverage of biologically important pathways. The kit includes metabolites reflecting host-microbiota interaction and nutritional status.
By performing triple quadrupole mass spectrometry with the MxP® Quant 500 Kit, up to 500 metabolites from 26 compound classes can be quantified:

Small Molecules  Lipids 
• Alkaloids (1)
• Amine oxides (1)
• Amino acids (20)
• Amino acid related (30)
• Bile acids (14)
• Biogenic amines (9)
• Carbohydrates and related (1)
• Carboxylic acids (7)
• Cresols (1)
• Fatty acids (12)
• Hormones (4)
• Indoles and derivatives (4)
• Nucleobases and related (2)
• Vitamins and cofactors (1)
• Acylcarnitines (40)
• Phosphatidylcholines (76)
• Lysophosphatidylcholines (14)
• Sphingomyelins (15)
• Ceramides (28)
• Dihydroceramides (8)
• Hexosylceramides (19)
• Dihexosylceramides (9)
• Trihexosylceramides (6)
• Cholesteryl esters (22)
• Diglycerides (44)
• Triglycerides (242)


The MxP® Quant 500 Kit has been developed for the UHPLC-SCIEX 5500 platform. Additional instrument platforms are in preparation.

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View Application Note "Microbiome Analysis Using the MxP® Quant 500 Kit with Human Fecal Samples"

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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